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We consist of a team that is full of professionals with a wide experience on productive process, connectivity and technology. We specialize on retail companies.

“Kolossus contributes on the transformation of companies, offering all the tools needed for the digitalization process, optimizing in the pursuit of digital transformation with high quality technology and intelligence in business. Endorsing fully in sales, production and logistics while creating value for the company and its clients”

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Digital Transformation

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your company with the digital transformation of your business processes through APPs and IT services from Kolossus hosted inside the cloud as well as provided remotely through the internet, customized to your liking and integrated to your management systems, thus an interface with worldwide connectivity, simple to use and very user friendly

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digital transformation

Outsourcing TI

With our Outsourcing service your company will count with all the experience from Kolossus, gaining IT support and enterprise IT that is complete, professional, transparent, reliable and customized to the needs of your business, reducing operational risks as well as other operational costs.

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TI Outsourcing

Business Intelligence

We transform your company information into a strategic tool that will help you in the decisions about your business.
With business intelligence processes, applications, and technologies (BI) from Kolossus, the data analytics and enterprise resource planning (ERP) will be facilitated. Transform hard data into uncomplicated reports and graphics, identify critical variables and ease the decision making of your business.

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